Past Life ~ Present Life ~ Future Life ~ Parallel Lives = Soul Life

Multi-dimensional Beings... Parellel Lives = Soul Lives... you have the power to tap into them!

We are living many lifetimes simultaneously.   Imagine that concept —  As if one life isn’t enough!    Depending on how keen you are to your intuition, dreams, visions and insights you may or may not realize different lifetimes on varying degrees.  Although I personally do not believe that all our life times are separate and happening in a linear fashion, I have used the terminologies to help understand concepts individually and how they relate to each other as a whole.   To understand the bottom line concept I’m hoping to explain I will use summarize the terms:

  • Past life
  • Present life
  • Future life
  • Parallel life
  • Soul life

Past Lives

In my experience past lives come up when we need to learn, understand and move through a current issue that we have already experienced in a “past” experience.   This “past experience,” usually referred to as a past life, is being held on a different dimension or energy vibration than we are currently experiencing so it seems like it is not a part of our current lifetime.   We may or may not know we have experienced this issue before.  In addition, sometimes we are having the issue re-occur, because we are still carrying the energy from this other lifetime in our vibration.  Similar issues will flare up from time to time until we finally heal the issue and resolve the energy so it can no longer be an issue.

Some of the most commons ways past lives come into our awareness are:

  • Natural intuitive knowing
  • Past life regression
  • Intuitive visions
  • Dreams
  • Signs from the universe

Many times past lives are not the pleasant.  This isn’t always true, but if you are working on an “issue” that alone tells you there is an “issue.”  The main thing to remember is when you see an unpleasant past life, it isn’t meant for you to see it and then start sitting and spinning in it and buying back into the pain or trauma of it.  It is meant to give you insight on why you are having the issue, where it comes from and to use it to receive understanding to move through the issue once and for all.  Many times once we find out it is a past life issue it becomes easier to disassociate with the ‘drama,’ see it for what it is [a reoccurring past life issue ready for full healing] and to do what it takes to heal it and move on, never to have to revisit it again.

Present Lives

Present lives are what we would be experiencing right now, right this second in the current now.   Some would also put into this category as present life as what they also experience yesterday, last week, 2 years ago… to birth.  Well, that would be the old school of thought.  The only “present” we have is “now” otherwise it isn’t the present, eh?

When people get confused and look at their past and their future as part of their present life they may start feeling and experiencing discomfort.  I read a saying that has stuck with me that says:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past.

If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

If you are at peace, you are living in the present. ”  Unknown

The gift of truly living your present life in the present is the ability to every day, well, every second actually, you can decide if you want to choose again… start fresh… change what you don’t like and create a new life in present time. 😉

Future Lives

Future lives is actually an illusion at this moment if you are viewing it as linear time as we have discussed so far.  Future lives are our life and experiences that manifests as a result of our feelings, thoughts and actions [both consciously and subconsciously] TODAY.  Basically put:  what you focus on most, is what you are creating for your future — choose good thoughts, people!

Parallel Lives

Past, Present and Future Lives all occurring at the same time all lumped together a whole bunch of parallel lives.  This is my school of thought, anyway.   We may label them as though they happened, are happening or are yet to come, but really, we are multi-dimensional beings, experiencing many ‘levels of being’ [at the same time].

Within our body, mind and spirit we inclusive of  many vibrations  all at the same time.   Those vibrations, depending on which we are focusing or experiencing the most will determine ‘where’ we are vibrating, thus what we experience as a result.   Some emotions may be stronger and at the forefront, while we may have other emotions hidden, numbed or hanging out in our subconscious that we aren’t even aware of.  That is where it can get tricky, because although we may not be aware of an emotion aka vibration, it IS very much there and affecting us in underlying ways.

The multiple levels of emotions/feelings that we are experiencing at any given time will spread our energy into different dimensions (multi-dimensions).  It is up to us to decide ‘where’ we would like to vibrate, however, in some cases, people do not realize this and just let ‘life’ determine if they are going to have good or bad vibrating days.  Awareness makes all of the difference when it comes to creating the best experience for ourselves.  Choosing what vibrations that support what we wish to feel will create the best experiences.

What have you been thinking about the most today?  How about for the last week?  To best support your present and future lives, focus on good feeling thoughts and feelings.  There is never any reason to waste your time worrying about the future or what might happen (what you fear), because when you put your mind to fear I can guarantee, you are setting yourself up to experience those fears in your future.  Use your time and energy to focus on what you DO want and you will be actively creating what you want into your reality.  This is the act of aligning with vibrations that you wish to experience and will put you into the dimensions to experience them.

Soul Life

Your soul is an infinite energy that lives on whether you are experiencing a physical or human experience, or experiencing an energetic spirit existence.  That being said, let’s tie it in with the concept of parallel lives, because parallel lives remember, are all encompassing of past, present and future lives.  If you learn to master this concept that all lifetimes are simultaneous happening, you will be able to use your ‘library’ of lifetimes to pick and choose the vibrations that you wish to experience.  This can be fascinating, exciting, life-enhancing and amazing.

For example, say you would like to experience a life with these qualities:  true love, respect, deep intimacy, millions of dollars, vibrant health, supportive family, travel, … whatever you desire.  It is your life, your candy store and you have the ‘library of lifetimes’ to pick and choose from…

Close your eyes and imagine all of your parallel lives — your infinite life library.  Everything you could want is stored here.  All you  have to do is, ask and it is given.  Go through your library or imagine tapping into your parallel lives and begin requesting the vibrations of everything you want to re-experience in this present time experience (or lifetime).   When I do this I usually sit quietly and ask to be taken to the frequencies (or vibrations) that I need to match what I desire.  I begin feeling a flow of energy channeling to me and given the color of the frequency/vibration.    I use the color or strands of colors coming into me and infusing into my vibration and DNA.  Those colors are actually revamping my vibration to match my desires.

Remember, Quantum Physics proves that  like energy attracts life energy.  So when you bring in these energies from your library actively back into your present now, you are awakening the vibration.  You are *pinging* and reactivating the vibration within you so the experience you wish to attract will align and attract to you.  All you have to do is call in the energies, and tell the Universe you are ready to experience it again now.  The next step is to -allow- it to vibrate right back into your life!

Bottom line

The beauty of all of this is… we are actually living our Soul Life.  That being said, we do not have to limit our experiences to  our current lifetime or now.  What we are experiencing right now is merely what you focused your thoughts and energy on in the past.  If you  don’t really like your current life/experience, then choose again!  It’s as easy as that.  Pull from all that is available in your  soul library and get busy re-creating the life of your dreams.  If you are enjoying your current life/experience — job well done!  You know how to create your desires and you are a shining example for many.  Your job is to teach others how to do the same 😉

I realize this is such a huge subject and concept, and I have totally simplified it… however, this simplification is enough to get your ‘gears’ moving and I hope enough to get you to “ask” so it can be “given.”

YOU are the driver of your experiences… it’s ALL in YOUR hands! 

Create Your Life with Beautiful Thoughts and Environments

That being said, create, create, create… and -allow-…


Live the Life of Your Dreams… You have all you need stored in your “library” of lifetimes!

In case you didn’t know:

Cindy assists her clients in creating the life of their dreams.  One of her largest gifts has been to assist others in realizing their dreams through her various Personal Services, Transformational Journeys, Courses and Webinars.

To see a taste of her work visit her 2 YouTube Channels:

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